First time trying some budder, it is smooth and less powerful than shatter or rosin for example, but nice though. Good taste and smell. Huge advantage : it isn't sticky at all, very easy to deal with, no mess! I used it as dab but I guess you can also

Candy Molly

Une Kush comme on l'aime, elle répond aux attentes ! Très parfumée, minérale, du solide. J'aime la fumer en joints purs, et aussi dans mon vaporisateur. Elle vaut bien ses AAAA, si ce n'est plus. Merci encore à BMWO. Peace

Jeff Mike

Nice taste , really smooth, excellent trim... Wonderful quality , really worth its AAAAA. I enjoyed comparing differents sorts of Kush, and this one could be my favourite. Hope you'll like it too ! Please take care. Peace

Victor Adams

I enjoyed smelling these buds when I opened my order! It is mindblowing, I can't wait to taste another quality like this AAAA. Nice burn, after I removed the moisturing baggy inside, because I prefer it dryer. Peace

Grace Miller

I choosed this strain thanks to the comments below, and waaaw ! Dude this is no joking, big quality ! Earthy and woody taste, excellent to finish a day after dinner 😉 Just don't really know why it is Louis XIII and not XIV or XVI but it doesn't really

Mike Wilson

I just love it. It puts me in a positive frame of mind; really just turns my mood around; and doesn't zap my energy. I will buy Bubblegum again, for sure.

John Dio

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Definitely one for sleeping, the effects are fast acting and act as described. This is one of those cheaper budget strains (a) that you'll want to have around for those restless nights or when you're in need of relaxation for a evening. The buds smell lovely and vape/smoke well, smooth

Miss. Bonni

Rated 5 out of 5
With the large variety and quality on this site that can make it hard, this one was worth ordering a second time on back-to-back orders. This is one of them recognizable strains by both its smell and taste. Gorgeous buds, five star all the way.


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